President & General Manager of Global IT Center Mr Yan Yupeng, had a formal meeting with COO of Microsoft Mr Kevin Turner in the headquarter of Microsoft’s Greater China Region in Beijing. (Mr Turner is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of Microsoft’s worldwide sales, marketing and services organization. Along with Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and five other senior executives, Mr Turner serves on the Senior Leadership Team that sets the overall strategy and direction for Microsoft.) Mr Eugenio Beaufrand, Microsoft Vice President and COO of Greater China Region, Mr Arics Poon, General Manager of Microsoft Enterprise & Partner Group in Greater China Region, and the other two executives of Greater China Region also attended the meeting.

Tiens Group and Microsoft have entered a full scale strategic cooperation since 2006.The projects based on two companies’ cooperation include Global implementation of Dynamic ERP for our supply chain management systems, Global order entry and its process flow management system using Biztalk, MOSS & Exchange, Global Finance & Inventory Integrated Forms System based on MOSS and SQL Server, and Network efficiency solution using Win 2008 Terminal Server, etc.

Mr Li Jinyuan briefly introduced the 12-year development and global achievements of Tiens Group at the beginning of the meeting. As the vanguard of direct selling industry, Tiens Group has established branches in 110 countries, with its business covering over 190 countries and 12 million families worldwide as its stable consumption and operation group. Tiens Group has accumulated plenty experience in global operation as well as operation process after 12 years development. However, Tiens Group keeps innovating in direct selling industry, taking the lead in applying the new business modes like "joins (Direct Selling) in one country, benefiting globally", "integrates stores within a network and a network within the stores", and "New Exchange and 6 interactive Networks Theory" etc. Tiens Group has invested in IT heavily. Since 1997, Tiens has worked with many IT companies to implement its systems like ERP, CRM and E-commerce. Hundreds of millions of dollars has been invested in this area. However, up to now, no IT partners or companies can help Tiens solve its problems by supplying an integrated solution for Tiens branches in 110 countries. Microsoft Corporation is an innovative, fast-growing multinational company; Tiens Group is willing to share its industry experience and resources in over 190 countries with Microsoft, together building a standardized IT solution for the healthy development of direct selling industry and providing the customers with value-added services.

Lastly, the high level meeting ended on a joyous note with Mr Li Jinyuan and Mr Turner exchanging mementos, in anticipation of a stable partnership ahead.

TIENS Tapping China's Retail Market

Banner Store, a retail brand of China TIENS Group Co., Ltd., opened a store in the country's eastern costal city Tianjin days ago.

Besides common commodities like health care products, household cleaning products and cosmetics, the store will provide some special products such as private-brand commodities and commodities purchased from production area. Banner Store plans to open 40 to 50 such stores in China this year and lift total number of its Banner-branded stores to 400 in the country within three years, revealed insiders.

Banner's worldwide direct-selling stores are expected to reach 1,000 by 2009. Together with franchised stores, number of its worldwide stores are expected to hit 2,000 to 3,000 by then.

China TIENS Group Co., Ltd., a multinational group specializing in retail, tours, finance, international trade and e-commerce, has expanded its business to 190 counties and territories by through establishing braches and representative offices in 105 countries and territories.




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